Frequently Asked Questions

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Does the buddy board come supplied with a carry bag?

The Buddy Board is supplied as standard with a recyclable cardboard carrying box that allows it to be protected during transportation. An optional zip up carry holdall will be available soon for £69 for A1 and £49 for A2 boards.

Is the Buddy Board waterproof as we sometimes get coffee spills etc in our conference rooms?

Yes, is the simple answer, if the board gets splashed then it can be easily wiped off. The securing pad screw threads are stainless steel to prevent them rusting.

How secure is the board on a table top.

Setting up is simple but important, for instance when setting up an easel in a training room make sure the easel is set further enough back that it cannot tip and fall off the table. Open the board to a sensible position until it feels stable and then use the clamp hinges to lock in position. With more weight from pads on the board getting the position right is important. Once you have the optimum position you can then flip over pages without having to hold onto the board as the weight of the pad and the board position will provide the correct support.

How do I look after my Buddy Board for long term use?

Simple care measures include storing your Buddy Board flat to stop it warping or bending over time.  We designed the Exoframe to reduce warping as a trade off to the board being lightweight. Don’t store heavy items on top of the board as over time this will cause it to bend. The cardboard carry box supplied with every Buddy Board should be used when the board is not in use as it has been designed to hold the board in a well-supported position so it’s ready to go each time.  The board can be simply cleaned with a microfibre cloth and

If the worst happens and my board gets damaged what are the options.

Depending on the level of damage, in most cases your buddy board is completely repairable. We have designed every part of the board to be available as a replacement part at a reasonable cost. You will be able to order these parts directly from our online shop, and where tools are needed these are either supplied or specified. We are launching short How To videos to show how to replace each part on a Buddy Board. There is also an option to send back to us for a full repair if needed.

Does the board take standard flipchart pads? And if so, is there any adjustments needed?

Our sliding rail system allows true flexibility in being able to position the pad clamps at the correct spacing for the pad you are using.  We have found that easel holes can vary and our board overcomes any issues with this.  It also allows A2 pads or smaller to be fitted to the Buddy Board in Seconds.

Is there a limit on what the Buddy Board can take weight wise?

We have designed the board around 2 x 60 page flip chart pads (90gsm weight paper) on each side of the board at the same time. The pad securing elements and the frame are designed to take this weight.  Alternatively it can handle 30 laminated pages per side.

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